Lisa Petani, M.Sc.

Lisa Petani, M.Sc.

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Continuous Measurement of Individual Formaldehyde Exposure with a DIY Photometer
Petani, L.; Lorenz, M.; Pylatiuk, C.
2023. IEEE Sensors 2023
Dissolved ozone sensing in water and blood based on commercial screen-printed and BDD electrodes
Petani, L.; Llupa, L.; Peng, Z.; Ogata, G.; Koker, L.; Gengenbach, U.; Einaga, Y.; Pylatiuk, C.
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Design, simulation, and evaluation of a low-cost photometer for dissolved ozone measurement
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2023. IEEE International Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas, Biomedical Engineering & Electronic Systems (COMCAS 2023) Tel Aviv, Israel, 06.11.2023–08.11.2023
Optimised inkjet-printing parameters and processing techniques for an exemplary structure of an oxygen sensor on a Polyimide substrate
Petani, L.; Schweizer, A.; Pylatiuk, C.; Stiller, P.; Gengenbach, U.; Ungerer, M.
2023. IEEE International Conference on Flexible, Printable Sensors and Systems (FLEPS 2023) Boston, MA, USA, 09.07.2023–12.07.2023
Exploring the Antibacterial Effects of Ozonated Oils in Medicine: A Study on Escherichia coli Inhibition
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2023. Ozone: Science & Engineering. doi:10.1080/01919512.2023.2233746
Investigation of a simplified photometer design for the measurement of ozone gas concentration
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Systematic assessment of the biocompatibility of materials for inkjet-printed ozone sensors for medical therapy
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