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Geothermal Energy is a base-load capable renewable energy source with high availability and potential. Nevertheless its proportion in the energy supply is negligible. One of the reasons therefore is a mismanagement of technical risks which has a bad economic effect and leads to a lack of public acceptance. However, geothermal energy could be an important element for a sustainable, renewable energy system of the future. Direct heat usage could cover a major amount of the heat demand and the permanent geothermal electricity production would support the stability of the electricity grid.
The workgroup geothermal energy tries to draw on both mentioned topics to support geothermal energy to become more important. Within the project Energy Lab 2.0, the topics heat and electricity and their interfaces are investigated practically in an
experimentation field. This includes geothermal energy affine heating systems and their impact on the grid.
system platform for borehole tools cares about the development of suitable downhole tools for deep geothermal energy. By standardized and modular basic components the development of specialized tools shall be optimized, to provide widespread possibilities for inspection, measurement and interaction in boreholes of geothermal projects.
The system platform for borehole tools is therefore an important part of a reliable quality management in geothermal energy.

Geothermal Energy



Dr. Jörg Isele
Stefan Dietze
Jan Wachter
Luigi Spatafora
Michaelsen Fabian
Friedrich Wiegel




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