Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics

Data Management

Within the framework of the Energy Lab 2.0, the Data Management in Energy Informatics Group studies aspects of data management.
Under the Energy Lab 2.0, IAI is responsible for information and communication technologies of the Smart Energy System Simulation and Control Center (SEnSSiCC). SEnSSiCC consists of the Smart Energy System Control Laboratory, Energy Grids Simulation and Analysis Laboratory, and the Control, Monitoring and Visualization Center (CMVC). Data management is part of the CMVC. The architecture of the CMVC is shown in the figure below. A detailed description may be found on the following pages.





Our Group focuses on the GDS Access Layer. It provides a standardized generic interface for data management in the Energy Lab. It allows for the storage of various time series and the corresponding technical metadata. For this purpose, services for the storage of large data volumes are developed on the basis of various databases and file systems. Within the framework of the Energy Lab, a test field is being established to develop and visualize various energy models. The model and simulation data arising are also planned to be administrated by the GDS (Generic Data Services).