Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics

Experimentation field

Ansprechpartner: Dr. Jörg Isele

Projektgruppe: Geothermie

Förderung: Energy Lab 2.0, MWK Baden-Württemberg

Partner: FZI, DLR

Starttermin: 2015





The experimentation field (Smart Energy System Control Laboratory) is part of the project Energy Lab 2.0. On a smaller scale it comprises all relevant components of energy grids for electricity and heat and shall deliver data for the simulation of complete electricity and heat grids. Through a neighborhood network with heat and electricity consumers, the important topic heat is taken into account. Thus the interfaces between electricity and heat regarding the grid stability are part of the investigations under the key words power-to-heat, power-to-cool and influence of electricity based heating systems, as e.g. heat pumps with shallow geothermal energy, on the grid.