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Energy System Modelling (ESM)

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing society today. Tackling this challenge will require a complete reorganisation of the infrastructure necessary to satisfy our energy needs: electricity generators, storage, energy networks, heating supply, transport and industrial processes. In Europe hundreds of billions of euros of spending per year are at stake, and we do not have time to correct misallocations of investment before climate change takes effect. Accurate modelling and simulation of future energy systems are therefore crucial.

Our group "Energy System Modelling" leverages cutting-edge research from a variety of disciplines to understand the most cost-effective pathways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy system.  This involves building models of the energy system and optimising the investment in and operation of the necessary infrastructure.  Maintaining sufficient model detail and interdependencies is crucial to avoid misallocation of investment and bad policy advice, but it also presents an extreme computational challenge.

To tackle this challenge we're developing new algorithms and methodologies so that we can capture these details in a manageable way and therefore provide the best possible policy guidance for the transition to a sustainable energy future.


Group members

Dr. Tom Brown

Jonas Hörsch

Arnaud Leroy

Fabian Neumann



We seek to ensure that all our work is done with open data and free software, so that it is transparent and reproducable for other researchers and interested parties.

The core of our modelling is done with our tool "Python for Power System Analysis (PyPSA)" which you can download from Github:



Group Members
Name Title Phone E-Mail
  arnaud leroyCly0∂kit edu
Dr. tom brownMri9∂kit edu