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Research Assistant

Research Assistant
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Research assistant

Faculty / Division:

Computer Science



Starting Date:

any time

Contact Person:

Fabian Neumann

Are you concerned about the impacts of global warming? Do you want to put your skills in the service of the energy transition? Would you like to give an upgrade to your student budget?

Become a research assistant in the Energy System Modelling Group of the IAI at KIT Campus North! We are a young, international and friendly research group that is committed to preventing catastrophic effects of climate change. We research the most cost-effective pathways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy system. We do this by building computer models of the energy system for simulation and optimisation. 

There's a whole array of choices you could help us with, all depending on your personal interests:

  • Extend a technology cost database for a variety of energy technologies by researching in recent literature and investigate how costs will change over time.
  • Write test cases in Python or Julia for various open-source packages developed in our working group doing energy system optimisation (PyPSA, PyPSA-Eur, and PSA.jl) and learn about good code of conduct in open-source software development.
  • Update the power transmission network with planned lines from the German network development plan (https://www.netzentwicklungsplan.de/de).
  • Build and integrate the European gas transmission network model into an open-source model of the European energy system by retrieving grid data on transmission routes and capacities from official sources (entsog.eu).
  • Investigate the current regional distribution of wind and solar production sites and how these developed over time to additionally retrieve an age distribution used for analysing energy system transformation pathways.

Personal Qualifications:
We are looking for motivated students interested in energy systems, data processing and numerical optimisation. Basic knowledge in these topics is desirable, as well as experience with object-oriented programming, but not a must.

We are very flexible in terms of extent and times of your work with us. The maximum is 85 hours per month, but e.g. 24 hours per month is possible just as well.

If you are interested, please send an introductory e-mail with your CV and current transcript of records to fabian.neumann@kit.edu