Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics

Modeling and Implementation of a PDE-based Falling Film Model in COMSOL


  • Familiarization with COMSOL, FFE and PDEs
  • Understanding the PDE-based model from literature and adapting it to the considered application
  • Implementation of the model in COMSOL
  • Model export to Simulink and coupling to a whole FFE plant simulation model (in case of M.Sc.)
  • Validation of simulation results (in case of M.Sc.)
  • Documentation of results in Latex
  • Creation of a poster


  • Basic knowledge in fluid or contimuum mechanics
  • Basic knowledge in thermodynamics
  • Liking for programming tasks
  • First experiences with PDEs
  • Basic knowledge in COMSOL and/or Matlab/Simulink are desirable but not required.