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System Integration - Inspection and Digital Image Processing (SI-IIP)

System Integration - Inspection and Digital Image Processing (SI-IIP)

Dr. Bernd Köhler 

Project Group:

System Integration for Nano and Micro Systems (SI-NMS)


The group develops image processing methods for the optical inspection field. It works in close cooperation with the IAI work groups, i.e. “System integration – Modeling and simulation” and “System integration – System-, process-, and equipment development” and mainly focuses on specific problems in the inspection of structures in the micrometer range. Its main research areas are:

  • image registration,
  • generation of mosaics from extensive image series,
  • image reconstruction from focus and lighting series,
  • feature-based autofocus for confocal microscopy,
  • and surface reconstruction from deflectometric images.

In addition to software implementation, we also develop specific application hardware that is necessary for the inspection – with the main focus being on optics and lighting.



Dr. Bernd Köhler
Dr. Stephan Allgeier
Klaus-Martin Reichert





mosaik image of the corneal sub-basal nerve plexus




 assessment of planarity of foils with deflectometry