Reliable, Safe and Secure Software and Systems (RS4)

Research field: Energy
Program: ESD - Energy System Design
Topic: Digitalization and System Technology
Subtopic: Digitalization and Systems Technology for Flexibility Solutions

The working group cooperates directly with KASTEL and the Energy Lab 2.0.

The working group "Reliable, Secure Software and Systems" (RS4) deals with security problems related to safety and security in the areas of energy, critical infrastructures such as bridges as well as in different other automation systems. Solutions to enhance the overall cyber-physical security in the automation and the energy sector are addressed. Software and programming languages vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems are addressed. Analysis of vulnerabilities of communication protocols and standards and possible attack scenarios in the energy sector are conducted in order to propose adequate defense mechanisms. Development of reliable software solutions as well as algorithms based on machine-learning techniques and model-based methods for the distributed intelligent sensors are addressed centrally.

Areas of application are energy, automation in general, critical infrastructures and overarching topics. Implementation in real applications is sought.




Scientific Institutions

The working group is active in several scientific institutions. The association Ada Deutschland e.V. is led by Dr. Hubert B. Keller in the board of directors. Likewise the HybridSensorNet e.V. The department of security of the Gesellschaft für Informatik was co-founded by Dr. Hubert B. Keller.


Conference organisation
Both the symposia of the HybridSensorNet Association, the automotive conferences of the Ada Germany support association, the "Reliable Software Technologies" conferences of Ada Europe in 2000 and 2013 and the VDI Automotive Security conference are co-organized (Chair, Co-Chair or member of the PC). The Berlin Conference of Security Institutions in Germany is co-organized.


Participation in scientific committees
The following roles are performed by the working group: Chairman of the board and co-founder of Ada Deutschland e.V., deputy speaker role of the "Ada - Reliable Software Systems" section of the Gesellschaft für Informatik, member of the steering committee of the Safety Section, member of the steering committee of the Software Engineering Section, chairman of the "Embedded Software" section of the VDI/VDE Society for Measurement and Automation Technology, chairman of the board, official representative of KIT, and co-founder of HybridSensorNet e.V. as an association of universities, research institutions, and companies in the sensor technology sector, appointed member of the "Technical Safety" working group of the VDI Presidium, Technology and Science Division (working group ends in 2016), member of the VDI/VDE-GMA Expert Advisory Board FB 5, Industrial Information Technology, member of the VDI/VDE-GMA Expert Committee 1.50 Methods of Control Engineering, former member of the Presidium and extended Executive Board of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), former member of the Security Steering Committee of the ZVEI and significantly involved in the Namur Recommendation NE 153 Automation Security 2020 - Design, Implementation and Operation of Industrial Automation Systems, member of standardization committees of VDI-GPP, DKE.


Lectures and important publications
From the working group, the lectures "Technische Informatik", KIT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, "Security in Energy Systems" as part of the lecture Energy Informatics II, KIT Faculty of Informatics, and the lecture Real-Time Systems, Department of Electrical Engineering, DHBW Karlsruhe, will be held.

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