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Sustainability Management for Startups and Micro-Enterprises: Development of a Sustainability-Quick-Check and Reporting Scheme

Halberstadt, Jantje (Leuphana University Lüneburg)
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Johnson, Matthew (Leuphana University Lüneburg)
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Chapter Sustainability Reporting
Volume Proceedings of the 28th Conference on Environmental Informatics - Informatics for Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development and Risk Management
Conference EnviroInfo 2014 - ICT for Energy Effieciency
Oldenburg, 2014
Year 2014
Abstract of the Article
For enterprises of all sizes, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Accordingly, there
has been a noticeable increase in academic literature in the field of sustainability management and
related tools and approaches. While the academic and practical contributions are growing in this
field, it appears that literature has overlooked certain type of enterprise, namely the microenterprises,
including normal startup companies. Nonetheless, mounting evidence places emphasis
for the inclusion of startups and micro-enterprises in the sustainability debate. Therefore, the aim
of this paper is not only to close the theoretical gap on appropriate sustainability measures for
startups and micro-enterprises, but also to propose a conceptual framework for an IT-supported
analysis and reporting tool for sustainability in micro-enterprises and startups. Based on previous
research on sustainability management tools in SMEs as well as sustainability software
applications, the paper proposes the contents and layout of a web-based tool for startups.
Pages 17 - 24
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