ICT-ENSURE Information System on Literature in the Field of ICT for Environmental Sustainability

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Track 8: Invited Sessions

Volume Sh@ring – EnviroInfo 2004 (Part 2)
Conference 18th International Conference "Informatics for Environmental Protection"
Geneva, 2004

This chapter contains the following articles

Article Introduction to the Ecoinformatics Initaitive
Jensen, Stefan; Fitzwater, Larry
Article Challenging environmental reporting: from a reporting to an information system
Jensen, Stefan; Norup, Bjarne; Martin, Jock
Article Towards systematic data quality management in EIONET
Peifer, Hermann
Article The State/U.S. EPA Environmental Information Exchange Network – A State Perspective
O’Neil, Molly
Article A Thematic Perspective from the National Biological Information Infrastructure
Frame, Michael T.; Cotter, Gladys A.
Article US EPA’s System of Registries
Fitzwater, Larry
Article Sharing Data to Manage Animal Diseases and Assure Food Safety
Fitzwater, Larry; Armbruster, Walter J.
Article International Cooperation to Reduce and Eliminate Obsolete Persistent Organic Pollutants in Russia
Dyer, Robert; Barnes, Eleonora; Habegger, Loren; MacDonell, Margaret
Article Involving Stakeholders and Tailoring Environmental Databases for Shared Analysis of a Contaminated Site
Grogan, Helen; Till, John; Meyer, Kathleen; Mohler, Justin
Article GIS and Cumulative Risk Analysis to Address Environmental Contamination
MacDonell, Margaret; Morgan, Ken
Article MERCURY: New Problems for an Old Pollutant
Newland, Leo
Article Web services in the contexts of EEA and GBIF
Badescu, Miruna
Article Window to my Environment
Wolf, David R.
Article UNEP.Net – an environmental information discovery mechanism
Khan, Sean; Cunningham, Gerard
Article CLC2000 – European thematic reference database to support Environmental information
Kleeschulte, Stefan
Article IMAGE2000-the European Spatial Reference to Support Environmental Information
de Lima, Vanda Nunes; Peedell, Stephen
Article Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe: The INSPIRE proposal of the European Commission
Smits, Paul C.; Bernard, Lars; Annoni, Alessandro
Article The Memorandum "Sustainable Information Society"
Göhring, Wolf

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