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Geographical information systems and their applications

Volume Informatics for Environmental Protection - Networking Environmental Information (Part 1)
Conference Informatics for Environmental Protection - Networking Environmental Information
Brno, 2005

This chapter contains the following articles

Article Application of GIS and Web Technologies for Danube Waterway Data Management in Croatia
Pecar-Ilic, Jadranka; Ruzic, Ivica
Article Predictive Benthic Habitat Mapping in the North Sea using GIS and Statistical Methods1
Pesch, Roland; Pehlke, Hendrik; Schroeder, Winfried
Article GIS-based Water Quality Management System of Coastal Area
Kyehyun, Kim; Hyuk, Lee; Kwangya, Lee
Article GIS-based Sediment and Nutrient Balancing for Mesoscaled Watersheds: the STOFFBILANZ Approach
Halbfass, Stefan; Grunewald, Karsten; Gebel, Michael; Kaiser, Mirjam
Article Environmental Monitoring Digital Library: Improving the Accessibility of the Russian Satellite Data
Kudashev, Efim; Filonov, Andrey
Article Nature-Pilot Schleswig-Holstein - Interactive Balloon Flight Presenting Nature Highlights
Hosenfeld, Friedhelm; Rinker, Andreas; Reiche, Ernst-Walter; Bornhöft, Dirk; Schultz, Gudrun
Article DEVLOC: a Distributed GIS and Satellite-based Information Service for the Benefit of Urban Planners and Citizens
Rahoux, Sebastien; Puyou-Lascassies, hilippe
Article Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Land Use Land Cover Change: A Challenge for Urban Planning in Metropolitan Kampala
Shuaib, Lwasa; Nyakaana, Shuaib J. B; Sengendo, Hannington
Article Coal Mining Area of Köflach/Voitsberg (Austria) – Assessing Changes in Landscapes
Sulzer, Wolfgang; Poltnig, Walter:
Article AGIS. Reflections on a Geographic Information System Used as a Web-based Planning Tool for the ASVK Graz
Gspurning, Josef
Article Estimating Environmental Pollution in Latin American Cities Using Emission Factors Data and GIS
Ossés, Margarita; Zah, Rainer; M. Hilty, Lorenz
Article GIS as Information Technology’s Answer to the Environmental Pollution Problem in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Celestine, Achi; Stella, Nnaemeka Obianuju; Michael, Asika Chidi
Article GIS Application to Contain Cholera Epidemic in the City of Lusaka
Kawanga, Obed C.
Article A GIS Mapping Framework for the Cultural Site/Route Management of the Mundo Maya Sustainable Tourism Program
Kokalj, Žiga; Pehani, Peter; Podobnikar, Tomaž; Goodchild, Helen; Gaffney, Vince; Oštir, Krištof
Article How to Promote Cross-border Mapping
Witschas, Sabine
Article Spatial Analysis in Web-based Systems
Frehner, Marcel; Haegi, Susette; Brändli, Martin
Article MSAT: A Multiscale Spatial Analysis Tool
Candillier, Christophe; Mouaddib, Noureddine
Article Establishment of Spatial Data Infrastructure within the Environmental Sector in Slovak Republic
Tuchyna, Martin

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