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Environmental information systems engineering

Volume Informatics for Environmental Protection - Networking Environmental Information (Part 1)
Conference Informatics for Environmental Protection - Networking Environmental Information
Brno, 2005

This chapter contains the following articles

Article A New and Flexible Architecture for the German Environmental Information Network
Vögele, homas; Klenke, Martin; Kruse, Fred; Groschupf, Stefan
Article Development of an Implementation Concept for Environmental Information Systems on an Industrial and Intercompany Level
Perl, lke; Vorbach, Stefan
Article The New Role of the CENIA for the Czech Environmental Information Network
Hradec, iří
Article Applications of Environmental Semantics
Rüther, Maria; Bandholtz, Thomas
Article System for European Water Monitoring (SEWING)
Filipkowski, Andrzej; Brzozka, Zbigniew; Wróblewski, Wojciech; Opalski, Leszek; Ogrodzki, Jan; Kobus, Andrzej; Jaroszewicz, B.; Moscetta, Pompeo; Sanfilippo, Luca; Allabashi, Roza; Temple-Boyer, Pierre; Humenyuk, Iryna
Article Outlook on Water Use in Europe in 2030
Flörke, Martina; Isoard, Stéphane; Alcamo, Joseph
Article TRITON – Complex System for Surface Water Quality Assesment
Pavliš, Petr; Jarkovský, Jiří; Dušek, Ladislav; Skočovsky, Luděk
Article Reporting Schemes for the European Water Framework Directive in the Context of the Internet Portal WasserBLIcK and INSPIRE
Usländer, Thomas; Stumpp, Jörg; Busskamp, Ralf; Fretter, Klaus
Article Classification of biological communities in biomonitoring programs – suggestion of robust solution
Jarkovský, Jiří; Dušek, Ladislav; Pavliš, Petr; Kubošová, Klára; Hodovský, Jan; Hřebíček, Jiří
Article A Web-based Reviewing Process Guidance System for an Ecological Database of Plant Traits
Ahlers, Dirk; Finke, Jens; Stadler, Michael; Sonnenschein, Michael
Article Biological Ontology Modeling Supported by CLOSi Database Schemas for Amazon Data Extraction
Albuquerque, Andréa Corrêa Flôres; Campos dos Santos, José Laurindo
Article Using Data Mining Techniques for Exploring the key Features of Plant Dynamics Upon a Newly Built Plant Trait Database
Stadler, Michael; Bekker, Renée M.; Finke, Jens; Kunzmann, Dierk; Sonnenschein, Michael
Article Three Years of Experience with the SoDa Web Service Delivering Solar Radiation Information: Lessons Learned and Perspectives
Gschwind, Benoît; Ménard, Lionel; Albuisson, Michel; Wald, Lucien
Article Exposure Modelling for High-Frequency Non-Ionising Radiation: Results of a Pilot Study
Bürgi, Alfred; Theis, Gaston; Siegenthaler, Andreas; Röösli, Martin
Article A three-year Analysis of the Biomass Burning Season in Southeast Mexico by Using a Contextual Fire Detection Algorithm
Montero-Martinez, Martin J.; Polanco-Martinez, Josue M.
Article Using Calculated-logical Systems (CLS) to Raise the Effectiveness of the Remote Control of Automatic Space Vehicles (SV)
Alekseevich, Udaloy Valeriy; Leonidovich, Sokolov Nikolay
Article Integrated Hydrological Data and Knowledge Management Transfer for Flood Warning Centres in Germany and Austria
Egeling, Matthias
Article Online System for Hydro-Meteorological Data gathered via LEOSatellite Transmission
Heiner, Werner; Stadler, Hermann; Skritek, aul
Article The Hydrological and Meteorological Monitoring, Forecasting and Warning System – Conception and Characteristic
Kruszewski, Aleksander; Niedbała, Jerzy; Skąpski, Roman
Article Logistic Issues in Data Network Implementation
Jessop, James; Bouchard, Guy; Jojczyk, Kazimierz; Więcek, Łukasz
Article Integrated Analysis and Reporting of Environmental Data Through Cooperation and Technical Innovations – Despite Organisational Changes, Increasing Requirements and Decreasing Budgets
Mayer-Föll, Roland; Keitel, Andree; Hofmann, Claus; Lukács , Gergely; Briesen, Marcus; Otterstätter, Arnd
Article Environmental Information Portals, Services, and Retrieval Systems
Bassoukos, Anastassios; Karatzas, Kostas; Kelemis, Athanassios
Article Monitoring the Environment on the Internet with Open Source Software and Open Standards
Johansen, Per Henrik; Bakke Nielsen, Geir Oscar; Thorset, Hans Einar
Article A WebGIS Data Retrieval System for Use in Environmental Monitoring
Schmidt, Gunther; Lösewitz, Lars
Article MarGIS Marine Geo-Information-System for Visualisation and Typology of Marine Geodata
Jerosch, Kerstin; Schlüter, Michael; Pesch, Roland; Schröder, Winfried; Köberle, Andreas; Vetter, Lutz
Article Development of a Very Flexible Web based Database System for Environmental Research
Krause, Reiner
Article Communicating Database Design: A Case Study Using the Object Role Modelling (ORM) Method
Reinhard, Jürgen; Jakob, Peter; Jakob, Ann-Marie
Article The Case Study of Environment Web Portal
Kubasek, Miroslav
Article Compliance in Environmental Governance Requires Eenvironmental Knowledge Management in Developing Countries: The Liberian Case Study
Eben, Moses
Article Access to Distributed Earth Science Data Supported by Emerging Technologies
Van Bemmelen, Joost; Fusco, Luigi; Guidetti, Veronica
Article MONA – A Situation-Aware Decision Support System for Emergency Situations
Holtkamp, Bernhard; Weissenberg, Norbert; Speckmann, Heike
Article IMIS – A reference model for future early warning systems?
Schulz, Volkmar; Van Nouhuys, Jo; Leeb, Hermann
Article An Internet – and Knowledge-based Alert-system for Groundwater Disaster Management
Rüppel, Uwe; Gutzke, Thomas
Article Flood Warnings at the Local Level: Tools and Experiences in Their Implementation
Madej, Pawel; Koniecny, Roman; Kruszewski, Aleksander; Partyka, Danuta

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