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Knowledge management and decision support systems

Volume Informatics for Environmental Protection - Networking Environmental Information (Part 1)
Conference Informatics for Environmental Protection - Networking Environmental Information
Brno, 2005

This chapter contains the following articles

Article How Networking Works for Networks: Framework and Case Study
Tochtermann, Klaus; Dösinger, Gisela; Gissing, Bernhard
Article Concord: A Tool for the Analysis and Concordances of the Terminological Constituents
Paolo, Plini; Nicola, Mastidoro; Fulvio, Mazzocchi
Article Multi-Level and Multi-Criteria Spatial Analysis on the Nicaragua Development Gateway
Hernandez, Vera; Voss, Angi; Hopmann, Cornelio
Article Ontology Based Quality Assuranc e for Mobile Data Acquisition
Wang, Fei; Mäs, Stephan; Reinhardt, Wolfgang; Kandawasvika , Admire
Article Overcoming the Multiple Islands of Ontologies
Katharina, Schleidt; Herbert, Schentz; Michael, Mirtl
Article Different Approaches to Microarray Data Analysis
Kokrment, Lukáš; Hetmánek, Petr
Article Extraction of Surface Properties from a High Accuracy DEM Using Multiscale Remote Sensing Techniques
Grazzini, Jacopo; Chrysoulakis, Nektarios
Article UWEDAT-LAN – Connecting Environmental Monitoring Devices
Schabauer, Johannes; Schimak, Gerald
Article MORIS – MEDEA or Using Ecological Tools for Monitoring of Meteorological Extreme Events
Schentz, Herbert; Schleidt, Katharina; König, Martin; Mirtl, Michael
Article Handling Heterogeneous Data in a Federal System Using XML Demonstration of the Web Service for the German POP-Dioxin Database
Brüders, Nina; Knetsch, Gerlinde; Weihs, Erich
Article Some Problems of Environmental Restore Following Baku-Tbilisi- Ceyhan Pipeline Construction
Kvinikhidze, Karina; Enukidze, Revaz
Article SaDIN (Sahel-Doukkala Information Network) Progress in the Realisation of an Online Geoinformation System in Morocco
Löwner, R.; Souhel, A.
Article INTELCITIES Benchmarking Platform
Carabias-Hütter, Vicente; García, Ignacio; Martínez, Manuel
Article Multidimensional Decision Support Tool for Remedial Technologies
Pavlovič, Jan
Article Access-Geodatabase Modelling to Aid Decision Making in River Restoration: Case Study River Beult, Kent, UK
El-Magd, Islam Abou; German, Sally
Article Benchmarking of Waste Management Software Based on a Process and Requirements Analysis – Case Study Volkswagen AG
Francàs, Sergi López; Grünwald, Christian; Eppers, Rüdiger; Gómez, Jorge
Article “European Waste Sector Assistant - EUWAS” – Implementation of a web-based Knowledge Management System for the European Waste Sector
Eimer, Ulrich; Krause, Simone
Article EUDIN European Data Interchange for Waste Notification Systems - Optimisation of Waste Transports Administration -
Mochty, Franz; Pollak, Michael
Article The Use of the Web Site in the YTV Waste Prevention Strategy
Hahtala, Riitta-Liisa; Huuhtanen, Silja; Kajaste, Seppo; Kemppainen, ari; Linsiö, Olli; Partti, Minna

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