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ConverStation I

Volume EnviroInfo & ICT4S, Conference Proceedings (Part 1)
Conference Building the knowledge base for environmental action and sustainability
Copenhagen, 2015

This chapter contains the following articles

Article A framework for sustainability assessment of ICT futures. Scenarios and sustainability impacts of future ICT- societies
Arushanyan, Yevgeniya; Ekener-Petersen, Elisabeth; Moberg, Åsa; Coroama, Vlad C.
Article Assessing the Uses of NLP-based Surrogate Models for Solving Expensive Multi-Objective Optimization Problems: Application to Potable Water Chains
Capitanescu, Florin; Marvuglia, Antonino; Benetto, Enrico; Ahmadi, Aras; Tiruta-Barna, Ligia
Article Eco innovations in European countries
Bartoszczuk, Pawel
Article Environmental Monitoring of Continuous Phenomena by Sensor Data Streams: A System Approach Based on Kriging
Lorkowski, Peter ; Brinkhoff, Thomas
Article Exploring the effect of ICT solutions on GHG emissions in 2030
Malmodin, Jens ; Bergmark, Pernilla
Article GIS-based Life Cycle Assessment of urban building stocks retrofitting. A bottom-up framework applied to Luxembourg
Mastrucci, Alessio ; Popovici, Emil ; Marvuglia, Antonino ; de Sousa, Luís ; Benetto, Enrico; Leopold, Ulrich
Article I am more than the sum of my parts: an e-waste design fiction
Thomas, Vanessa ; Brueggemann, Manu J ; Feldman, David
Article Indirect Rebound and Reverse Rebound Effects in the ICT-sector and Emissions of CO2
Håkansson, Cecilia ; Finnveden, Göran
Article The Green Practitioner: A Decision-Making Tool for Green ICT
Lundfall, Karl ; Grosso, Paola ; Lago, Patricia ; Procaccianti, Giuseppe
Article Labelling Sustainable Software Products and Websites: Ideas, Approaches, and Challenges
Kern, Eva ; Dick, Markus ; Naumann, Stefan ; Filler, Andreas
Article Midpoint vs Single Score in Multi-Criteria Optimization under Life Cycle Assessment Constraints: the Case of Potable Water Treatment Chains
Capitanescu, Florin ; Igos, Elorri ; Marvuglia, Antonino ; Benetto, Enrico
Article Open Data Model for (Precision) Agriculture Applications and Agricultural Pollution Monitoring
R?ezník, Toma?š; Charvát, Karel ; Lukas, Vojte?ch ; Charvát Jr., Karel ; Horáková, S?a?rka ; Kepka, Michal
Article Perceptions and behaviour towards climate change and energy savings - The role of social media
S. G. Piccolo, Lara ; Alani, Harith
Article Pre-installation challenges: classifying barriers to the introduction of smart home technology
Carlos Rubino de Oliveira, Luis ; May, Andrew ; Mitchell, Val ; Coleman, Mike ; Kane, Tom ; Firth, Steven
Article Work hubs - location considerations and opportunities for reduced travel
Kramers, Anna ; Höjer, Mattias ; Nyberg, Marcus ; Söderholm, Malin
Article Social Electricity: The evolution of a Large-Scale, Green ICT Social Application through two Case Studies in Cyprus and Singapore
Kamilaris, Andreas ; Pitsillides, Andreas ; Fidas, Christos ; Kondepudi, Sekhar
Article The Citizen Field Engineer: Crowdsourced Maintenance of Connected Water Infrastructure. Scenarios for smart and sustainable water futures in Nairobi, Kenya
von Heland, Fanny ; Nyberg, Marcus ; Bondesson, Anna ; Westerberg, Pontus

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