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Environmental Information and Reporting Systems

Volume Integration of Environmental Information in Europe
Conference 24th International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection in Cooperation with InterGeo2010
Cologne/Bonn, 2010

This chapter contains the following articles

Article The GS SOIL portal prototype and its integrated network
Feiden , Katharina; Kruse, Fred; Epitropou, Victor; Karatzas, Kostas
Article An Information Portal for the Research in Nature Reserves: The UNESCO MaB Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau
Fischer-Stabel, Peter; Mattern, Michael; Schäfer, Kerstin
Article ProPlaNET- Web 2.0 based Sustainable Project Planning
Giesen, Nils; Jürgens, Patrick; Gómez, Jorge Marx; Omumi, Hamed; Rieken, Matthias; Stepanyan, Hermine; Süpke, Daniel
Article European Forest Monitoring Information System Data Management for EU project FutMon
Granke, Oliver; Hosenfeld, Friedhelm; Rinker, Andreas; Schnack, Klaus; Mues, Volker
Article Sucessful Biodiversity Monitoring in the Netherlands: The Network Ecological Monitoring (NEM)
Knol, Onno
Article Semantic Search over Structured Environmental and Geographic Data
Lukacs, Gergely; Kazakos, Wassilios
Article Linked Environment Data
Rüther, Maria; Fock, Joachim; Hübener, Joachim
Article Reference Achitecture for Dialogue-Based Sustainability Reporting
Süpke, Daniel
Article Umweltschutz-Wasserrechte digital: Eine Datenbank-Applikation und ihre Komponenten
Rudolf, Heino
Article Semantics for notifying events in the affecting environment
Michels, Henry; Maué, Patrick
Article Can changes in nitrogen deposition be detected in vegetation using Ellenberg indicator values? A study using ten years of data from the National Monitoring Network Flora for Environmental Quality
Velthorst, Anne Helena
Article The Netherlands Environmental Data Compendium (EDC): Key factors for Communication of Environmental Information
Wondergem, Jacqueline; Klein, Paul

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