ICT-ENSURE Information System on Literature in the Field of ICT for Environmental Sustainability

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ConverStation III

Volume EnviroInfo & ICT4S, Conference Proceedings (Part 1)
Conference Building the knowledge base for environmental action and sustainability
Copenhagen, 2015

This chapter contains the following articles

Article 40 Gbps Access for Metro networks: Implications in terms of Sustainability and Innovation from an LCA Perspective
Moghaddam, Reza Farrahi; Lemieux, Yves; Cheriet, Mohamed
Article A Survey on Application of Maturity Models for Smart Grid: Review of the State-of-the-Art
Uslar, Mathias ; Masurkewitz, Julia
Article A Taxonomy of Motivational Affordances for Meaningful Gamified and Persuasive Technologies
Weiser, Paul ; Bucher, Dominik ; Cellina, Francesca ; De Luca, Vanessa
Article Breaking Barriers on Reuse of Digital Devices Ensuring Final Recycling
Franquesa, David ; Navarro, Leandro ; L´opez, David ; Bustamante, Xavier ; Lamora, Santiago
Article Digital Taxonomy for Sustainability
Townsend, Jack H.
Article Exploring (un)sustainable growth of digital technologies in the home
Bates , Oliver ; Lord, Carolynne; Knowles, Bran ; Friday, Adrian ; Clear, Adrian ; Hazas, Mike
Article A Strategy for Research on Governing the Anthropocene
Leary, Rolfe A. ; Johannsen, Vivian Kvist
Article ICT practices in smart sustainable cities - In the intersection of technological solutions and practices of everyday life
Rivera, Miriam Börjesson; Eriksson, Elina ; Wangel, Josefin
Article Investigation into the slow adoption of retrofitting - What are the barriers and drivers to retrofitting, and how can ICT help?
Weeks, Christopher; Delalonde, Charles ; Preist, Chris
Article On Fairness & Sustainability: Motivating Change in the Networked Society
Joshi, Somya ; Pargman, Teresa Cerratto
Article Potentials of energy consumption measurements in office environments
Jakobi, Timo ; Stevens, Gunnar
Article Self-Organizing Demand Response with Comfort-Constrained Heat Pumps
Hinrichs, Christian ; Sonnenschein, Michael ; Gray, Adam ; Crawford, Curran
Article Sustainability Begins in the Street: A Story of Transition Town Totnes
Gui, Xinning ; Nardi, Bonnie

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