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ConverStation II

Volume EnviroInfo & ICT4S, Adjunct Proceedings (Part 2)
Conference Building the knowledge base for environmental action and sustainability
Copenhagen, 2015

This chapter contains the following articles

Article A process model for preparation and analysis of cetacean sighting data off the coast of La Gomera
Wittmann, Jochen ; Everding, Aljoscha Marcel ; Ritter, Fabian
Article Development of a Real-time Smart Meter for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring and Appliance Disaggregation
Jonetzko, Roman ; Detzler, Matthias; Gollmer, Klaus-Uwe ; Guldner, Achim ; Huber, Marcel ; Michels, Rainer ; Naumann, Stefan ; Ney, Martin
Article Transaction Analysis- A mechanism to detect and prevent VAT-fraud in the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)
Schütz, Thomas ; Andre, Yves ; Vukovic, Mladen
Article Austrian AQD e-Reporting via INSPIRE Services
Schleidt, Katharina ; Magagna, Barbara; Spangl, Wolfgang ; Dünnebeil, Gerhard
Article Towards an air pollution health study data management system - A case study from a smoky Swiss railway
Papoutsoglou, Evangelia ; Samourkasidis, Argyrios ; Tsai, Ming-Yi ; Davey, Mark; Ineichen, Alex ; Eeftens, Marloes ; Athanasiadis, Ioannis N.
Article Interoperability and Sharing of Biodiversity Data on a National Network in Italy
Iannucci, Corrado ; Sambucini, Valter
Article SySPE Solution and IT-for-Green Communication through Web Services
Medel-González, Frank ; García-Ávila, Lourdes ; Marx-Gómez, Jorge
Article The BIOSCORE 2 project:Developing a Model to Compare Biodiversity Effects of European Nature Policy Scenarios
Knol, Onno M. ; van Hinsberg, Arjen ; Hendriks, Marjon
Article Web Environmental Information System for Corporate Performance Evaluation and Reporting
Faldík, Old?ich ; Trenz, Old?ich; H?ebí?ek, Ji?í ; Kasem, Edward
Article Development of a prototype client/server system for mobile data collection of material flows containing VOC in automotive paint systems using the example of Volkswagen AG
Banna, Ahmad
Article Wattwork - The design of an application for the support of sustainable work practices in offices
Cerkowniak, Anika ; Erdmann, Verena
Article How to – comprehensively – collect and depict data on conditions for sustainable transport in rural areas? The approach of the Austrian R&D project “AlltagsSPUREN”
Knoll, Bente ; Spreitzer, Georg ; Schwaninger, Teresa ; Busswald, Petra ; Hofmann, Roswitha ; Link, Christoph
Article ICT systems supporting sustainable operation and development of municipal waterworks
Studzinski, Jan

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