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Information Technology for Life Cycle Analysis

Volume Innovations in Sharing Environmental Observations and Information (Part 2)
Conference Innovations in Sharing - Environmental Observations and Information
Ispra, 2011

This chapter contains the following articles

Article A review of tools for PCF and LCA in the agri-food sector
Teixeira, Ricardo; Gustavus, Lori; Himeno, Anne; Pax, Sara
Article Implementation of a modular web-based multi-method Tool for the Assessment of Biofuel Sustainability Standards
Widok, Andi H.; Ziep, Tobias; Wohlgemuth, Volker
Article Concept and Implementation of a Service API for the Remote Access to Life Cycle Assessment Databases
Düpmeier, Clemens; Kusche, Oliver
Article LCA of ICT application for dematerialization in Italian Public Administration
Mirabella, Nadia; Rigamonti, Lucia; Scalbi, Simona
Article Tools for environment’s web application for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Jobin, Rémy; Sié, Marion
Article Computational challenges in huge LCA and EEIOA systems
Heijungs, Reinout; Koning, Arjan de
Article A scalable implementation of the track summing algorithm for Emergy calculation with Life Cycle Inventory databases
Marvuglia, Antonino; Benetto, Enrico; Rugani, Benedetto; Rios, Gordon
Article Environmental impact assessment of electricity production by photovoltaic system using GEOSS recommendations on interoperability
Menard, Lionel; Gschwind, Benoît; Blanc, Isabelle; Beloin-Saint-Pierre, Didier; Wald, Lucien; Blanc, Philippe; Ranchin, Thierry; Hischier, Roland; Gianfranceschi, Simone; Smolders, Steven; Gilles, Marc; Grassin, Cyril
Article Linking PCF, LCA and ecodesign – A practical approach for the food sector
Schiesser, Philippe; Teixeira, Ricardo; Himeno, Anne; Southwood, Andrew
Article Carbon Footprint in Canteen Kitchens - Calculation of Carbon Foodprints at a University
Manthey, Christian; Bergheim, Kirtan; Gerlach, Yardena; Grasshoff, Nico; Plischtil, Max
Article Stochastic Assessment by Monte Carlo Simulation for LCI applied to steel process chain: The ArcelorMittal Steel Poland S.A. in Krakow, Poland case study
Bieda, Boguslaw
Article Integrating CAD, PLM and LCA: new concepts, data model, architecture & integration proposals
Theret, Jean-Pierre; Evrard, Damien; Mathieux, Fabrice; Le Guern, Yannick; Chemla, Patrick
Article The International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Format – Basic Concepts and Implementation of Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) Method Data Sets
Wolf, Marc-Andree; Kusche, Oliver; Düpmeier, Clemens
Article Comparative evaluation of life cycle assessment software programs: a case study for biodiesel and diesel fuel
Sallaberry, Rogério Rodrigues; Nunes, Katia; Cybis, Luiz Fernando; Schebek, Liselotte
Article Emission Inventory and Predict from Road Traffic Sources for Hanoi
Manh, VU Van; Thuy, BUI Phuong; Duy, DO Hoanh

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