ICT-ENSURE Information System on Literature in the Field of ICT for Environmental Sustainability

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Environmental Management Information Systems

Volume Proceedings of the 27th Conference on Environmental Informatics - Informatics for Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development and Risk Management
Conference Environmental Informatics and Renewable Energies
Hamburg, 2013

This chapter contains the following articles

Article Involving the Expert in the Delivery of Environmental Information from the Web
Wanner, Leo; Bosch, Harald; Vrochidis, Stefanos; Bouayad-Agha, Nadjet; Casamayor, Gerard; Johansson, Lasse; Karppinen, Ari; Moumtzidou, Anastasia; Kompatsiaris, Ioannis; Ertl, Thomas
Article Database Application for Changing Data Models in Environmental Engineering
Hussels, Ulrich; Camarinopoulos, Stephanos; Lüdtke, Torsten; Pampoukis, Georgios
Article Data Integration by Semantic Normalisation
Bandholtz, Thomas; Rüther, Maria; Fock, Joachim
Article Environmental Ontology Localization and Translation Relations
León-Araúz, Pilar; Faber, Pamela
Article AC4DC – Adaptive computing for dynamic data centers
Leukroth, Steffen
Article Using Cloud Technologies to Complement Environmental Information Systems
Schlachter, Thorsten; Düpmeier, Clemens; Weidemann, Rainer; Ebel, Renate; Schillinger, Wolfgang
Article Environmental Information System and Odour Monitoring based on Citizen and Technology Innovative Sensors
Ledent, Philippe; Stevenot, Bernard; Delva, Julien; Kunz, Wolfgang; Romain, Anne-Claude; Uhrner, Ulrich; Valoggia, Philippe; Arnaud, Yannick; De Groof, Arnaud; Hutsemekers, Virginie; Grosso, Giovanna; Johannsen, Laurence
Article WIND – A meteorological early warning system and its extensions towards mobile services
Meissen, Ulrich; Faust, Daniel; Fuchs-Kitowski, Frank
Article Future Internet enablers for VGI applications
Havlik, Denis; Soriano, Javier; Granell, Carlos; Middleton, Stuart E.; van der Schaaf, Hylke; Berre, Arne J.; Pielorz, Jasmin
Article Building environmental information system using open source program in VinhPhuc province
Son, Hoang Trung; Nghia, Nguyen Le; Van, Pham Thanh; Manh, Vu Van
Article Some thoughts to realignment of PortalU
Konstantinidis, Stefanie; Kruse, Fred
Article Unterstützung des strategischen Öko-Controllings durch den Einsatz von Data-Warehouse-Systemen
Naana, Miada; Rezgui, Abdelkerim; Junker, Horst
Article Dafit – a new work flow oriented approach for time efficient data preparation, validation and flagging of time series data from environmental monitoring
Ries, Ludwig Christian

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