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Environmental Management Information- and Decision Support Systems

Volume Integration of Environmental Information in Europe
Conference 24th International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection in Cooperation with InterGeo2010
Cologne/Bonn, 2010

This chapter contains the following articles

Article Improving of environmental management accounting system for support the environmental information management
Rezgui, Abdelkerim; Naana, Miada
Article Collaborative corporate environmental management information systems
Allam, Nabil; Junker, Horst; Gómez, Jorge Marx
Article DEEBIS-Net: Doctoral Education in Environmental and Business Information Systems - Bi-national PhD Programme with Cuba
Giesen, Nils; Haak, Liane; Gómez, Jorge Marx
Article Ein Konzept zur Steuerung von Organisationen bei unklaren Zieldefenitionen unter Berücksichtigung von ökologischen Forderungen mit Hilfe von semantischen Netzen
Arndt, Hans-Knud; Jacob, Stephan
Article Proposed Light-Weigth Composite Environmental Performance Indicators (LWC-EPI) Mode
Jamous, Naoum; Kassem , Gamal; Gómez, Jorge Marx; Dumke , Reiner
Article Die Beliebigkeit betrieblicher Umweltinformationssysteme - eine Polemik
Junker, Horst
Article UxLab: Usability Optimization Case Study of a Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) using Eyetracking Studies
Krehahn, Peter; Wohlgemuth, Volker; Meyer, Herbert A.
Article Umweltmanagement mit envVision: Eine nachhaltige GIS-gestützte Lösung für die Umsetzung der EU-Umgebungslärm- und Luftqualitätsrichtlinie
Rudolf, Heino
Article Decision support systems for environmental problems: Scientific approach, requirements of structure and data on specific purpose types
Meyer, Sven; Pollmann, Olaf; Raschke, Stefan; Blumenstein, Oswald; van Rensburg, Leon; Tobler, Henry
Article About the Sense of Useless Software
Möller, Andreas
Article Contribution of Material Flow Assessment in Recycling Processes to Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS)
Pehlken, Alexandra; Rolbiecki, Martin; Decker, André; Thoben, Klaus-Dieter
Article Location aware system for olive fruit fly spray
Pontikakos, Costas; Tsiligiridis, Theodore
Article Mobile Applications for Industrial Environmental Protection
Ziep, Tobias; Krehahn, Peter; Wohlgemuth, Volker

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