Platform for geothermal borhole tools

Platform Based Tool Development Technology for Quality Management in Deep Geothermal Energy

Potential and barriers for Geothermal Energy
Geothermal Energy is a renewable energy source, which can serve as base-load supplier with nearly unlimited potential all over the world. Deep Geothermal Energy could provide a major amount of needed electricity and heat with constant production rate.

ZWERG-problem However, the actual usage of Geothermal Energy is barely mentionable due to the numerous problems and challenges linked to the exploration and exploitation for energy production. High exploration costs as well as technical and economic risks during operation also lead to a missing public acceptance of the technology, which is important in order to support the growth of its proportion of energy production. The Quality of geothermal energy production depends on the management of these challenges and risks. For the performance of such quality management suitable tools are necessary.

Special tools for deep geothermal borehole operations
The tasks for operations in deep geothermal boreholes are numerous. Besides the collection of scientific data through measurement of rock and thermal water properties, this covers also complex tasks as video-inspection of cased and open hole, sample recovery or maintenance and repair operations.
Similar tools are needed in the oil and gas sector, where deeper and deeper resources are being explored. But the conditions in deep geothermal boreholes build special operations constraints, which issue a big challenge for the development of tools.

Hence, the development of suitable tools for the specialized applications is highly expensive and requires a widespread expertise in different fields of mechanical engineering, mechatronics and informatics, namely:



  • Data processing and transmission 
  • Sensors and actors 
  • Material and jointing technologies 
  • Thermodynamic processes
  • Mechatronic systems

Although the possible applications can be numerous and special, the principle design of all thinkable tools for borehole operations is similar. No matter which sensors or actors are needed to fulfil a specific task, some basic components for data recovery and processing, tool energy supply, protection of sensitive elements, up-hole communication or heat management, just to name the most important ones, are part of every down-hole tool.


Since research and development in the scientific sector underlies economic and times restrictions, projects usually end without a functional tool but maybe with an innovative new sensor. The idea of the ZWERG project is to overcome this situation by providing a platform with basic standardized components, which can be combined with function modules for different applications. By following a modular design approach and the development of scientific solutions on basic technical challenges, which are translated into tool concepts and components, the development of complete tools which are ready for operation can be realized faster and cheaper.

ZWERG The engineering platform for down-hole tools allows the integration of new developed sensors and actors into provided standard tools to form new operational systems.
Fundamental research on basic challenges provides reliable technical solutions with high quality and universality.

The challenges for the creation of the platform and based tools require the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. Therefore cooperation with leading industry and scientists on related fields is promoted.