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The Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics (IAI) is a research institute of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in the Helmholtz Association (HGF). It conducts research and development in the field of innovative, application-oriented information, automation, and systems technology for sustainable energy systems and complex industrial and laboratory processes. Interdisciplinary working groups are working on integrated systems solutions, whereby all development phases being covered from conceptual design to modeling and simulation, prototyping and practical testing, also under industrial conditions. Novel, reusable methods and tools, which are developed and applied in the context of system design, are further results.

The work of IAI is embedded in the program Energy System Design (ESD) within the HGF's research field Energy and in the programs “Engineering Digital Futures: Supercomputing, Data Management and Information Security for Knowledge and Action”, Natural, Artificial and Cognitive Information Processing (NACIP) and Material Systems Engineering (MSE) within the HGF's research field Information of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Helmholtz Association of National Research Centres.

The projects at the institute are carried out in cooperation with partners from industry, administration and other research institutions in Germany and abroad. Among others, the institute is involved in projects of the EU, various federal and state ministries, the DFG (German Research Foundation), AiF (German Federation of Industrial Research Associations), and German industry. The institute's staff members are active in a wide range of standardization committees, expert and review committees and programme committees.

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ARTE documentary: Super storage – Power in perpetuity?ARTE
ARTE documentary: Super storage – Power in perpetuity?

In the ARTE documentary "Super storage – Power in perpetuity?" about green energy and its storage methods, the focus is on the Energy Lab 2.0 with its chemical storage methods. In addition, Prof. Hagenmeyer explains what an intelligent power grid of the future should look like.

Erfolg bei der BigDEAL Energy Forecasting Challenge
Success in the BigDEAL Energy Forecasting Challenge

Team KIT-IAI with Benedikt Heidrich, Matthias Hertel and Oliver Neumann achieved the second place in the BigDEAL Energy Forecasting Challenge. The team won in the categories peak timing and peak shape.

Outstanding Paper Award of the International Journal of Forecasting

The paper “Probabilistic energy forecasting using the nearest neighbors quantile filter and quantile regression” by Jorge Ángel González Ordiano, Lutz Gröll, Ralf Mikut and Veit Hagenmeyer received the “2019-2020 Outstanding Paper Award” of the International Journal of Forecasting.

MINToring-Vortragsabend: Katja Nau stellt ihre Arbeit im Bereich Wissenschaftskommunikation vor
MINToring talk: Katja Nau presents her work in the field of science communication

We thank Dr. Katja Nau for a succesful lecture evening, which took place on 8th of December, 2022, in seminar room 104 in building 30.96 at KIT campus south. Mentees and colleagues were able to gather new input on the topic of ”science communication”.

Dissertation von Herrn Shadi Shahoudprivat
Dissertation by Mr. Shadi Shahoud

The IAI congratulates Mr. Shadi Shahoud on passing his doctoral examination. The title of his doctoral thesis is “Facilitating and Enhancing the Performance of Model Selection for Energy Time Series Forecasting in Cluster Computing Environments”.
The exam date was on December 2nd, 2022.

Dissertation von Herrn Marian Turowskiprivat, Ralf Reussner
Dissertation by Mr. Marian Turowski

The IAI congratulates Mr. Marian Turowski on passing his doctoral examination.

The title of his doctoral thesis is “Data-Driven Methods for Managing Anomalies in Energy Time Series”.
The exam date was on November 28th, 2022.

Smart Energy System Lab im WS22/23 – Eine neue Runde startet!privat
Smart Energy System Lab in WS22/23 – A new round!

The Smart Energy System Lab started again! This time we could attract 14 students who will work on eight topics in the next three weeks.  We are happy to offer once again Research Infrastructures in Research-Oriented Teaching and looking forward to the time together.

Konsortium nfdi4energy – Neue Dateninfrastruktur für die EnergiesystemforschungMarkus Breig, KIT
Konsortium nfdi4energy – Neue Dateninfrastruktur für die Energiesystemforschung

Mit der Energiewende kommt auch die Digitalisierung: Um das vernetzte und klimaneutrale Energiesystem der Zukunft mit allen seinen Komponenten aufzubauen und zu steuern werden Unmengen an Daten benötigt. Mit der neu etablierten Nationalen Forschungsdaten­infrastruktur für die interdisziplinäre Energiesystemforschung (nfdi4energy) sollen nun Austausch und Zugänglichkeit solcher Datensätze erleichtert und dadurch die Forschung beschleunigt werden.

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