The FZKViewer is a software tool for the visualization of semantic data models from the fields of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). The focus here is on open standardized data formats.

On the detail level of buildings, the IFC data model is supported in the SPF (STEP Physical File) and ifcXML file formats from version IFC2X onwards. For the building simulation, gbXML (Green Building XML) is supported, which serves as an exchange file format from BIM to energy simulation systems.

On the detail level of cities and districts, CityGML is supported from version 0.4.0 onwards including the ADE (Application Domain Extension) extension concept.

In addition to the graphical representation, the properties and relationships between objects can be displayed textually. Furthermore, various analysis of the data are possible. For example, tables of objects and their properties and attributes can be created and some of these can also be displayed in a color-coded graphical representation.


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