Release Notes KITModelViewer

KITModelViewer 7.2.1 (Build 3087) (14. June 2024) Hotfix
This version fixes a bug where the application would not start after use with multiple monitors or a projector.

KITModelViewer 7.2 (Build 3063) (23. May 2024)
New in Version 7.2:

- Plugin interface improvements
- Improved image and panorama support
- Varoious fixes (texture handling, IFC4, mvdXML, walk mode, file export, ...)
NEW: Truss Plugin for the calculation of trusses based on IFC structural analysis elements

KITModelViewer 7.1 (Build 2877) (17. November 2023)
New in Version 7.1:

IFC 4x3 support
- StructuralLoadConfiguration added

- schema update IFC4x2 Add2, RC schemas removed
- IfcRailwayPart, IfcTrackElement added

CityGML 3.0 support
Pointcloud data
- LAZ fixed
- LAS / LAZ intensity and point color supported now
Support for GeoImages
- GeoTiff and WorldFiles (PNG, GIF, JPG)
Supporting pos files for georeferencing FBX and other 3D graphic formats
WebControl changed to Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)
Showing local placement tree in properties toolbar (IFC)
EPSG search functionality in CRS dialog
Various EPSG codes added (Turkey, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Qatar)
New point size control in toolbar
Varoius minor bugs fixed
NEW: Glaser Plugin for moisture analysis (DIN 4108-3) based on the Glaser method

KITModelViewer 7.0 (Build 2684) (08. May 2023)
New in Version 7.0:

First Official Release
- Completely revised visualization
- Open PlugIn interface