Mobile Apps for Environmental Data and Flood Warnings

  • Author:

    Dr. Clemens Düpmeier

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  • Date: 09.06.2016
  • The IAI is involved in the design and development of mobile applications and associated architectures using state-of-the-art cross-platform development tools and powerful cloud technologies.Launched in spring 2016, the app “Meine Pegel” (My water levels) provides official water levels and flood information for more than 1600 water gauges in Germany. It presents information on current water levels, forecasts, and sends individually configurable warnings by means of push notifications.

    Since 2013, the app “Meine Umwelt” (My environment) presents current and location-based environmental information such as air quality, map views, and nature experiences. Moreover, it is possible to report environmental damage and species discoveries.


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