Energy Lab

Helmholtz Program (PoF IV): Energy System Design (ESD)

The intelligent platform Energy Lab  is being developed at KIT to analyze the interaction of the components of future energy systems. As part of the overall project, IAI is responsible for the conception and construction of the “Smart Energy System Simulation and Control Center (SEnSSiCC)” as well as solving scientific issues relating to the integration of future energy systems. The IT technical work and research aspects of the Energy Lab are bundled in SEnSSiCC.

SEnSSiCC consists of three key components: the “Smart Energy System Control Laboratory (SESCL)”, the “Energy Grids Simulation and Analysis Laboratory (EGSAL)”, and the “Control, Monitoring and Visualization Center (CMVC)”. The SESCL is a test field with all relevant system components on a smaller scale and a highly flexible structure that can be adapted to various investigation scenarios. It will serve as a link between theory and large-scale practice. The EGSAL is to develop software components for the analysis, simulation, and optimization of power grids and to use and validate them under Energy Lab. The CMVC (see figure) will integrate all parts of the Energy Lab in a research infrastructure for modeling, monitoring, visualization, and co-simulation of smart grid configurations.



 Note: Previously known as “Energy Lab 2.0”, the current name from 2024 is “Energy Lab”.