Completed Project


In the course of dementia relatives and care professionals play an increasingly important role for the best possible quality of life of those affected. In particular, activation and supporting the individual physical, mental and social skills of people with dementia are of crucial importance.

In the project I-CARE a technical system for tablet computers is developed that captures the personal needs and skills of people with dementia. On this basis the system provides activation content such as music videos, biographical photographs and quizzes on various topics of interest for the concerned persons, their families and professional caregivers.

Here, the sensor-based detection of emotions such as joy, anger and fear by automatically evaluating the facial expressions, the movements and the voice plays an important role. So the Tablet PC will make an adjustment of the activation content to the daily condition of users.

In addition, caregivers can contribute their assessment. The system continuously adapts to the needs and emotional states of people with dementia. Furthermore the system documents and evaluates the activation content. The parallel scientific evaluation in practice improves the system in close cooperation with the members and professionals.

The scientific evaluation is based on the data recorded by the system. It includes data-driven modeling with the objective of quantifying the activation success, statistical data compression of relevant course changes and the design and implementation of algorithms for the long-term modeling.


Wolfgang Doneit, Prof. Dr. Ralf Mikut
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Institut für Angewandte Informatik