Robot and Computer Assisted Microscopy

Robot and Computer Assisted Microscopy

Completed Project

In cooperation with biologists several robot microscopes have been developed to realize high throughput screening (HTS) with a large number of zebrafish eggs or embryos.

1. Screening of 96 micro well plates within a minute, fluorescence microscopy, videos and time-lapse recordings are also possible.

2. Optionally automated feature detection is possible e.g. to automatically detect the heart of non-fixed and non-anaesthetised zebrafish in 96 micro well plates. Videos of the heart region are recorded and the beat-to-beat intervals are identified automatically.

3. Sorting of zebrafish eggs or hatched larvae into 96 micro well plates can be done with our fish-sorter. It can also distinguish between fertilized and coagulated eggs, fluorescence or pigmentation patterns.


Robot and Computer Assisted Microscopy



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