Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics



The AiF project, AgaMon, focuses on sensor data analysis methods for respiratory gas analysis.

The main goal of the project is to develop an equipment platform, “AgaMon”, for analyzing human respiratory gas. The first product under this project and based on this platform will be a smartphone adapter that will be used to determine the breath alcohol content.

This adapter will consist of a combined and modular hardware and software system that offsets a highly sensitive metal-oxide gas sensor in temperature-cyclical operation mode and uses this information in a calibration and an evaluation procedure (to be developed) to determine the concentration of the various elements in real-time, specifically the breath alcohol content. The measurement results will be displayed on the smartphone and provided via an appropriate application software that is not part of this project development.

The key elements of the system include electronic hardware, pneumatic sampling, and the calibration and evaluation procedure that allows for efficient transferability of the calibration data from sensor to sensor.