PIA – Process Optimization – Information Management – Applications

The PIA work group specializes in four main fields:

Process Optimization (Image: ©XtravaganT / fotolia.com)
Process Optimization
One focus is the optimization, simulation and modelling of processes for the production of highly complex, functional and miniaturized components based on micro- and nanotechnologies.
3D-Printing (System Integration) (Image: ©xiaoliangge / fotolia.com)
3D-Printing (System Integration)
The development and system integration of various 3D printing processes such as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) or Polyjet-Printing as well as the associated materials are another topic of the group.
Decision Support Systems (Image: ©Rawpixel.com / fotolia.com)
Decision Support Systems
A third focus is the development of database-driven systems for decision support, knowledge-based systems in the field of process management and systems for semantic knowledge extraction from large unstructured datasets (text).
Nanomaterials Safety Assessment (Image: ©bonninturina / fotolia.com)
Nanomaterials Safety Assessment
Another main area of interest is the Nanomaterials Safety Assessment with a focus on the evaluation of scientific literature on nanomaterials. The transfer of knowledge from scientist to layperson and user plays a significant role.