First AI-HERO Hackathon on energy-efficient AI

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    HIDA News

  • Date: 2022-05-13
  • In the beginning of February 2022 a team of AI-researchers from the Institute for Automation and applied Informatics (IAI) and the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) as well as the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) conducted a three-day virtual hackathon. The goal of the hackathon was to develop energy efficient AI models, i.e. models that use as little electricity as possible during development, training and inference.


    AI-HERO is the “Helmholtz Energy- and Resource-awareness Operation for Artificial Intelligence”, a joint effort of members of four Helmholtz Incubator platforms from two different Helmholtz Centers. Together, the members from Helmholtz AI, Helmholtz Imaging, Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration HMC and the Helmholtz graduate school HIDSS4Health intend to raise awareness on the energy-consumption of modern day AI research and development, taking a step towards green IT.

KIT Distances Itself from Previous Namesake Karl Steinbuch; New Designation Is “Scientific Computing Center”

Irrespective of his scientific achievements, KIT distanced itself from Karl Steinbuch in November 2023. In this connection, KIT decided to rename its information technology center Scientific Computing Center (previously Steinbuch Centre for Computing). This decision is based on latest findings of historian A. Guhl, according to which Karl Steinbuch advocated unacceptable acts of war as a young man during the Nazi era. After his retirement, Steinbuch increasingly adopted extreme right-wing positions (for further information see press release).