Smart Energy System Lab in WS22/23 – A new round!privat

Smart Energy System Lab in WS22/23 – A new round!

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    Anne-Christin Süß

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  • Date: 2022-11-25
  • This winter semester the Smart Energy System Lab started again – following the excellence project Research Infrastructures in Research-Oriented Teaching – with the kick-off on November 7th.

    For the second time, we are inviting master's students from the study programs of computer science, electrical engineering and information technology, mechatronics and mechanical engineering to work on project topics from the field of energy informatics in the Energy Lab 2.0. In this regard, we can offer students eight topics this semester, which are offered by IAI and our partners, the Institute for Technical Physics (ITEP) and the Institute of of Electrical Engineering (ETI):


    1)    Reverse engineering of a Modbus RTU communication and simulation of the controller.
    2)    Setup and analysis of a microgrid experiment with the Smart Grid Sector Coupling laboratory infrastructure
    3)    Measurement and visualization of frequency components in the distribution grid voltage
    4)    Optimized placement of distributed measurement devices in the distribution grid
    5)    Active front-end control (ITEP)
    6)    (Optimal) power flow calculation with simulation of a wind power plant or PV plant in PHIL and Simulink
    7)    Implementation of a photovoltaic and load forecasting service in the Energy Lab 2.0 Research Infrastructure
    8)    Load forecasting of a charging infrastructure (ETI)


    The start of the working phase marks the beginning of an intensive time for 14 students at the Energy Lab 2.0. During the next three weeks, they will have to apply the knowledge gained during the preparation phase in a practical way and implement it in a real research environment. Once again, the laboratories of the Smart Energy System Simulation and Control Center (SEnSSiCC) and the experimental buildings of the Living Lab Energy Campus (LLEC) will be involved.
    The support is provided by the project leaders, who hope for new perspectives and exciting results.


    We are looking forward to the time together and wish good luck!