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A pivotal encounter: MINToring meets Zeiss Innovation Hub

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  • Date: 2024-02-15
  • On Wednesday, January 24, 2024, a pivotal encounter unfolded between the IAIs MINToring mentorship program and the Zeiss Innovation Hub, marking a significant milestone. The event, held at the Zeiss Innovation Hub near Campus Nord, provided interested students and mentors with insights into fascinating topics of the Innovation Hub and offered exciting glimpses into their professional and academic journeys.


    During the afternoon session, participants had the opportunity to take a tour of the Innovation Hub. Following this, Zeiss employees delivered short presentations on their areas of expertise and career paths, vividly answering the question “What brought me here?”. Furthermore, students could learn about current thesis projects and assistantship topics to address the question “Can I work here?”.


    Subsequently, a Get-together provided an informal setting for discussions, questions, and personal exchanges over snacks and drinks. This relaxed atmosphere was particularly appreciated by the participants.


    The event attracted interested students and mentors from the MINToring program at IAI. With an eye toward nurturing continued engagement and enlightenment, the MINToring team remains optimistic and looks forward to future events of this kind.