DaNa 2.0

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    Dr. Katja Nau 

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  • Partner: Dechema, KIT, UFZ, Empa (CH)
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Program: Science and Technology of Nanosystems

Program: BMBF-Support program „Vom Material zur Innovation" – FKZ: 03X0131B

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Data and knowledge on nanomaterials - processing of socially relevant scientific facts

The DaNa2.0 project is the follow-up project of DaNa (2009-2013) and is based on its results. An interdisciplinary team of experts from different research areas covering all aspects of nanosafety research (human and environmental toxicology, biology, physics, chemistry and pharmacy) is working together to provide a non-biased, quality-approved and up-to-date knowledge base for more transparency. This data will be published on a website www.nanoobjects.info and also via other media.


Furthermore scientific publications, reports, project results (funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and latest news on human and environmental toxicology are analysed. The current state of knowledge is wrapped up in the knowledge base. The central tool of the integrated application-based database, allows the user to quickly access the information between an application of nanoproducts, the used nanomaterial and its individual possible outcome / toxicological effect(s).


To facilitate the evaluation process of scientific publications for discriminating between high- and low quality publications, the expert team developed a methodology, the «Literature Criteria Checklist». This list includes the definition of mandatory and desirable assessment criteria in accordance with quality criteria that have been acknowledged worldwide within the scientific community.