• Contact:

    Dr. Steffen G. Scholz 

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  • Funding:

    EU – FP7 

  • Partner:

    KIT, Profactor, Fraunhofer IPA, University of Nottingham, Norbert Schläfli AG, Neotech AMT, DesignLED, MicruX Technologies

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Programm: EU – FP7 – High precision production technologies for high quality 3D microparts (FOF.NMP.2012-5). Grant agreement No. 314580 

Completed Project





The EU FP7 project SMARTLAM set out to bridge the gap between higher volume production and current inefficient production of medium series by providing a highly flexible approach to manufacturing. The main aim was to create a new concept for the manufacturing of functional micro-devices based on a modular, flexible and scalable 3D integration (3D-I) scenario. The concept is combining state-of-the-art 3D-compatible technologies such as aerosol-jet printing or laser ablation, which are capable of manufacturing three-dimensional structures and parts, with modules for handling and inspection. A recipe-based control software was added on top and the overall system allowed for the implementation of a modular machine concept.
During the project runtime a fully functional manufacturing cell including a customised database containing data on material properties, production parameters and product design in combination with a sophisticated central control system was developed, which enables the fully automated fabrication of small to medium series and thus gives a tool that allows SMEs to produce more cost- and time- effective.
SMARTLAM has shown that the 3D-I approach proposed at the beginning of the project is capable of creating the flexibility and scalability that is necessary to take the manufacturing of microdevices to another level by making it profitable outside of the area of mass production. The developed machinery and methodology will be used all partners to further improve the overall concept and applying it to an even wider range of products.