Programm: STN 

Completed Project


Intelligent systems are very helpful and have already been implemented successfully in many areas. The core of a support system often consists of a knowledge-based module that yields the actual assistance. In areas with continuous changes, it is necessary to continuously update the knowledge base and adapt it to the new conditions. Since manual realization of such improvements is very demanding and prone to errors, automated processes must be developed and implemented in order to optimize the product performance of the support system. The goal of this project is to develop a product that assists in the construction and semi-automated updating of the knowledge-base of a support system. With regard to the construction and maintenance, knowledge sources from different areas will be taken into account. The availability of such a product will allow for a significant increase in the efficiency of technical services. Furthermore, the support systems will be equipped with self-learning mechanisms that will be necessary for support in complex processes. However, the widespread industrial use faces challenges in terms of the accessibility of the process and scalability of large data sets. The efficiency of the process should be optimized through high-performance computing