GeoKam - „Video Inspection System for Deep Geothermal Boreholes“

  • Contact:

    Dr. Jörg Isele† Obituary Dr. Jörg Isele

  • Project Group:

    Geothermal Energy

  • Funding:

    Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy BMWi 

  • Enddate:


Funding number: 0325580

Completed Project


The video inspection tool GeoKam is developed for providing real insights in deep boreholes in high definition. Its cameras for the front and 360° radial view, with adjustable aperture, focus, and lighting allow detailed visual inspection e.g. for the detection of casing leakages. For operations in harsh environments it is designed to withstand 165 °C surrounding temperature for a period of around two hours and a pressure of up to 480 bar. With 95 mm outer diameter it is built in a compact way, regarding the pressure resistant housing and the required heat insulation. Therefore the inspection tool can be used in boreholes with 8 ½ inch diameter. Thus the temperature and geometrical parameters cover the operation in most of the geothermal boreholes in Europe. The GeoKam is developed based on the system platform for down-hole tools ZWERG. Most of its components, including housing, heat insulation, temporary cooling system, housing-to-housing connectors and cable-head are designed in a standardized way and can be reused for the development of further tools in order to reduce costs.