Design, modeling, simulation for printed systems

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    Dr. Ingo Sieber

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A comprehensive modeling environment was developed at the IAI through the coupling of mechanical and optical simulation tools with the systematic integration of process know-how. The operability of this modeling environment will be enhanced further to support printed optical systems and components. A multi-layered, laminated LED application demonstrator will then be used as a basis for tests on the interactions between the technologies, the materials used, and the design. (Figure 1)


SmartLamHomogenizer   Simulation der Bestrahlungsstärke

Figure 1: Laminated illumination unit (left) and simulation of the irradiance (right)



As part of the system integration, the IAI examined different printing methods for additive production of functional structures and used the results for further development in this context. The development work will be accompanied and supported by fluid mechanic numerical methods (computational fluid dynamics, CFD) through modeling and simulation (Figure 2).



Modell und Fluidsimulationen eines Druckkopfes


Figure 2: Model and fluid simulations of a print head