Canary Pass – Gas sensors in medicine

Various gases are increasingly used in medical therapy, such as ozone for the treatment of chronic wound inflammation. At IAI, measuring methods and medical sensors for monitoring gases in therapy are developed for integration in medical and bioanalytical devices. With these measuring devices, the safety of the therapeutic application of ozone and other medical gases can be increased and the treatment with medical gases can be further established in a scientifically substantiated and reliable way.  

Furthermore, measuring methods are developed to monitor the health risks posed to laboratory employees by formaldehyde and other toxic gases in the air they breathe. Since the risk is strongly dependent on the concentration and duration of exposure, a mobile gas dosimeter is developed that monitors the exposure to toxic gases individually and continuously. In this way, work processes can be optimized to protect laboratory employees.

Schematic illustration of an amperometric sensor
Schematic illustration of an amperometric sensor



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