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A 30MW Grid Forming BESS Boosting Reliability in South Australia and Providing Market Services on the National Electricity Market
Oct. 29, 2019, 10:00 - 12:00
KIT Campus Nord, Institut für Automation und angewandte Informatik (IAI), Geb. 445, Raum 008

The Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) has experienced a
dramatic transformation due to the rapid uptake of both small and
large-scale renewable energy generation, along with the closure of
multiple coal power plants. The Australian state, South Australia,
epitomises this transformation as the share of renewable energy
generation in the state grew from 14% in 2009 to 47% in 2018, dominated
by wind power. Combined with limited interstate transmission capacity,
the state's power system has experienced instantaneous penetration from
wind generation in excess of 120% - the highest for any major power
system in the world. This high presence of non-synchronous generation
reduces the system strength that has traditionally been provided by
synchronous generators. The ESCRI-SA 30MW Battery Energy Storage System
(BESS) installed on the lower Yorke Peninsula in 2018, near the end of a
long 132kV single-circuit radial feeder, is a Grid Forming BESS built on
ABB's Virtual Synchronous Generator platform, which strengthens the grid
by providing inertia, high fault current and fast power injection, as
well as competitive market services on the NEM. It is also capable of
seamlessly transitioning into islanded operation when faults occur on
the upstream feeder, thus ensuring continuity of supply to local
customers by operating an islanded power system with the nearby 91 MW
Wattle Point Wind Farm and distributed solar PV. ESCRI-SA addresses an
array of challenges, and reinforces how BESS with Virtual Synchronous
Generator technology, can provide multiple value streams to utilities,
consumers and the broader electricity market, as well as enabling large
scale power systems to operate at 100% renewable energy.

Stanislav Cherevatskiy

ABB Power Grids Australia Pty Limited, Australia
Mail:sekretariatByd0∂kit edu
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