INOVUM - Innovative Umweltinformationssysteme



The processing of eco-friendly tasks often requires complex, interdisciplinary knowledge as well as a considerable amount of technical information. The IAI has been working on info-tech methods and tools for many years with the aim of developing such information and using it to improve environmental information systems and portals. This is often in cooperation with partners from the environmental management field in order to achieve practically relevant results. In particular, the IAI has been committed to the INOVUM joint project (formerly called GLOBUS, AJA, KEWA, MAF-UIS) of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector in Baden-Württemberg (UM BW) since 1995 and is responsible for project management.

The technological bases are created by the IAI in the context of basic research through program-oriented funding (POF) by the Helmholtz Association (see description of the current POF III research period under “IT components for the energy revolution”) and the hereby developed concepts and technologies evaluated in specific application projects with the various authorities and other INOVUM research partners.

The application focus in the current INOVUM research period is on the implementation and evaluation of a micro service-based architectural concept for web-based environmental information systems and mobile applications of UIS Baden-Württemberg, other authorities in Baden-Württemberg, and other German states. Here, the main focus is on the development of a service-oriented module (LUPO or LUPO mobile) for the establishment of (national) environmental portals and mobile environmental information applications based on the most modern internet technologies (e.g., Google Cloud services, such as Google Maps API, Google Cloud SQL, CartoDB Cloud services for the provision of high-performance map content, container-based visualization technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes, semantic technologies, etc.).

The LUPO portal module, among others, will be used as a basis technology for the Baden-Württemberg environmental portal, the environmental navigator in Bayern, the environmental information network in Saxony-Anhalt, the environmental portal in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Thuringia, as well as for the energy atlas in Baden-Württemberg. Other application projects using the LUPO technologies are currently being developed in collaboration with other partners. Technologies and services of the LUPO or LUPO mobile module will also be used as a service infrastructure for the “Meine Umwelt” and “Meine Pegel” applications, which are also common in multiple states across Germany. More information on the LUPO module and the associated application projects can be found at: 


Basic LUPO architecture
Portal Umwelt-BW