The Web-based Information Systems working group studies and develops new internet technologies for innovative and complex applications. Work is carried out under the Programme-oriented Funding Scheme (POF) of the Helmholtz Association as well within the framework of projects funded by third parties.

In the current POF III funding period, activities focus on web and mobile technologies for the setup of web-based information portals and mobile applications and increasingly on service-oriented approaches to modularizing large applications by a microservice-based architecture, automatic runtime administration of such applications using container virtualization technologies, and on the use of big data and cloud technologies.

The concepts and technology elements developed in fundamental research are tested and evaluated in concrete application projects. Within application-oriented research projects in the energy informatics area of IAI (see HGF III project “IT Components for the Energy Transition”), the concepts and frameworks developed are used to design, implement, and evaluate future control and information systems for smart energy systems solutions (smart grids) and internet of things (IoT) applications.
In cooperation with environmental authorities, the concepts and frameworks developed are also used to establish innovative energy and environmental information systems and mobile applications for authorities and citizens (see INOVUM project). This cooperation has been lasting for more than twenty years now. The results are incorporated in the IT plans of the state of Baden-Württemberg under the projects “AG Mobile Government” and “Software Board Expert Group.”

In the previous POF II funding period, the Group also worked on the development of internet-based data platforms and portals for (technical) technology assessment. Meanwhile, these projects have been completed. More information can be found under “Informatik für Lebenszyklusanalysen” (computer science for lifecycle analyses).




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