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Discovery of Hidden Dynamic Processes through AI-based Automated Active Learning: A Use Case in Light Microscopy
Friederich, N.; Yamachui Sitcheu, A. J.; Neumann, O.; Mikut, R.; Hilbert, L.
2024, März 12. AI and biology (2024), Heidelberg, Deutschland, 12.–15. März 2024
Security Fence Inspection at Airports Using Object Detection
Friederich, N.; Specker, A.; Beyerer, J.
2024. Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) Workshops, 310–319, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
MLOps for Scarce Image Data: A Use Case in Microscopic Image Analysis
Yamachui Sitcheu, A. J.; Friederich, N.; Baeuerle, S.; Neumann, O.; Reischl, M.; Mikut, R.
2023. Proceedings 33. Workshop Computational Intelligence. Hrsg.: H. Schulte, 169–190, KIT Scientific Publishing
AI-based automated active learning for discovery of hidden dynamic processes: A use case in light microscopy
Friederich, N.; Yamachui Sitcheu, A. J.; Neumann, O.; Eroglu-Kayıkçı, S.; Prizak, R.; Hilbert, L.; Mikut, R.
2023. Proceedings-33. Workshop Computational Intelligence: Berlin, 23.-24. November 2023, 31–51, KIT Scientific Publishing. doi:10.48550/arXiv.2310.04461
SATOMI and EMSIG: The Power Couple for Analyzing Microbial Live-Cell Experiments
Yamachui Sitcheu, A. J.; Seiffarth, J.; Friederich, N.; Yildiz, E.; Scherr, T.; Neumann, O.; Wollenhaupt, B.; Scharr, H.; Nöh, K.; Kohlheyer, D.; Mikut, R.
2023. Helmholtz Imaging Conference (2023), Hamburg, Deutschland, 14.–16. Juni 2023