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A note on efficient computation of privileged directions in modifier adaptation.
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Modular Simulation Model for Falling Film Evaporators with Novel Approach to Manage Dominant Time-varying Transport Delays.
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Software Toolkit for Visualization and Process Selection for Modular Scalable Manufacturing of 3D Micro-Devices.
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Power Quality in Smart Distribution Systems with Electric Battery, Large Loads and PV Generation.
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Synergy Pattern of Short Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides Against Multidrug-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa [in press].
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Digitale Bildverarbeitung und Tiefe Neuronale Netze in der Augenheilkunde – aktuelle Trends - Digital Image Processing and Deep Neural Networks in Ophthalmology – Current TrendsAndreas Bartschat.
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Optimal adaptive power flow linearizations: Expected error minimization using polynomial chaos expansion.
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PolyChaos.jl - An open source Julia package for polynomial chaos expansion.
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Machine Learning Methods for Automated Quantification of Ventricular Dimensions.
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Building Energy Simulations at Urban Scale Based on Standardized Data Models Using a Transparent Enrichment Process.
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2019, September 3. 16th Building Simulations - International Conference and Exhibition (IBPSA 2019), Rom, Italien, 2.–4. September 2019