Nanomaterials in Everyday Life

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    Clarissa Marquardt

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  • Date: 10.08.2018
  • New BMBF brochure "Nanomaterials in Everyday Life – Safe Handling of Nanomaterials" published!


    Nanomaterials are crucial in everyday life. Interested parties can get information about current results on BMBF nanosafety research and obtain a solid knowledge base for the safe handling of nanomaterials. In short interviews, scientists explain new insights from research. The brochure was co-authored by the DaNa2.0 project team with Katja Nau and Clarissa Marquardt (PIA group, IAI) as the involved experts here at IAI The brochure can be downloaded from the BMBF publication area ( and can also be found in the download area of the DaNa2.0 website .


    BMBF Broschüre „Nanomaterialien im Alltag – Den Umgang mit Nanomaterialien sicher gestalten“

    32 pages, Language: German, Status: 07/2018

    PDF for Download (2.79 MB),



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