INPRO - Innovative Processual measurement and optimization

  • Contact:

    Dr. Hubert Keller 

    Dr. Jörg Matthes

  • Project Group:

    ProSys - Process Optimisation, intelligent Sensor Systems and safe/secure Software

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Completed Project

The energy optimization of process engineering techniques requires in-depth knowledge of the respective process, the derivation and description through characteristic parameters, as well as the analysis in connection with offline data, dedicated modeling, and an ideal control system for the actual optimization. Real-time implementation of the algorithms, reliable and secure software systems and tools, with the desired transfer in industrial applications also add to the objectives.

Process steps in Celitement, such as de-acidification, the hydro-thermal process in autoclaves, and grinding should be identified, analyzed, and described based on characteristic parameters using modern measure techniques. This can also be used as a basis for automating these process steps through control technology using software-based tools.

Energy Lab 2.0, as a platform for solution concepts of future, high-grade distributed energy systems, presents diverse research questions regarding key software aspects such as reliability, safety, security, and manageability. Safe operation requires safe operating or runtime environments. Energy Lab 2.0 also entails developing a concept for an operating system for devices in the energy field, which should guarantee operational safety and system security.

The KASTEL project “Model-based plausibility checks for security-relevant infrastructures of Energy Lab 2.0” is dedicated to parallel research and prototypical implementation with regard to the cross-cutting issue of reliability, safety, and security of software. In addition, the project also researches methods and architectures for reliable and secure software systems.