System platform for borehole tools

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    Dr. Jörg Isele† Obituary Dr. Jörg Isele

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    Geothermal Energy

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Program: Renewable Energy (RE)

Completed Project




In order to use the huge potential of deep geothermal energy in an economic and reliable way, a quality management for geothermal projects is necessary. This has to provide widespread information on the conditions and parameters downhole and practical approaches for interaction tools.

A central condition for that are borehole tools which reliably fulfill different tasks, starting with measurement of specific parameters, video inspection up to repair operations.

Due to the extreme surrounding conditions in the depth with high temperatures and pressures, restricted space and corrosive fluids, the development of these tools is a challenging and expensive engineering task.

The system platform ZWERG shall deliver a contribution for minimizing the hassle of development and by provision of standardized basic components, which are usable in a modular way to realize different systems.



Actual targets:


  • Realization of an hydraulic aggregate for a tool for taking water samples
  • Fundamental research on ceramic-metal interconnection (e.g. for tool windows)
  • Development of a borehole cooling machine