Program: Renewable Energies (RE)

Full title: Semantics-driven design through geo and building information modelling for energy-efficient buildings integrated in mixed-use healthcare districts

Completed Project


STREAMER is a EU research project that focuses on methods for planning (construction and renovation) of energy efficient hospitals. The goal is to minimize the energy requirement and CO2 emissions of new or renovated buildings by 50% within 10 years.

The IAI developed the Software Early Design Configurator as part of the STREAMER project. The Early Design Configurator is part of a collection of tools that are provided by different STREAMER partners. Among other things, these tools help model building requirements that are used by the Early Design Configurator to derive proposals for building footprints. The proposals are exported into different formats (e.g., IFC, CityGML). The subsequent tools then evaluate the proposals based on specific performance indicators and should help increase the energy efficiency of the buildi