Informatics for Energy System Analysis

Program: The Research Program Technology, Innovation and Society (TIS) / Research Field Energy

Completed Project


Semantic data models for spatial information

Semantic data models

Semantic data models are an abstract, formal description of a section of the “perceived world” using objects, attributes, and relations. The focus of these activities is the modeling of spatial data, such as buildings, land usage, and technical infrastructure, and their relation to energy-technical, legal, and social aspects. The key objectives include:

  • further development of international (e.g., IFC, CityGML), European (e.g., INSPIRE), and national (XPlanGML, BoreholeML) standards,
  • using these standards to calculate the transient thermal behavior of buildings,
  • developing and providing appropriate tools for the visualization and testing of instance documents, and
  • integrating different data models in a common spatial context and establishing correlations between the models.


Load management of building-based heat and cold storage systems

This project focuses on examining the integration of building-based heat and cold storage systems in decentralized power grids through flexible load management (Demand Side Management, DSM). Such electrically driven storage systems for heating and cooling buildings or water heating can, through exploitation of thermal inertia (power to heat), necessitate adaptation of the electricity demand to the fluctuating supply of renewable energy or even provide short-term control power (rate reserve). Depending on the concept of the virtual power plant or cellular approach, this should take place locally in a residential area or city, whereby the thermal user requirements regarding safety, hygiene, and comfort must be complied with. Specific objectives include:

  • assessment of technical and economical flexibility potential,
  • implementation of new concepts for modeling and control of large storage system populations,
  • testing in the SEnSSiCC test environment under realistic weather conditions.